Sunday, January 11, 2009

Surprise Mittens

They were a surprise because I forgot I made them last year. While I was looking for some yarn in my "yarn cupboard" last week I found this pair of mittens waiting to be felted. (Felting means to shrink something made of wool on purpose). I felted them to fit me, and here are pictures of how it works:

  • Here are the mittens, really big, as you can see.
  • You have to wash them in hot and cold water, back and forth, being kind of rough with them.
  • At the sink, one hot, one cold. REALLY hot, and REALLY cold.
  • Drying on the heater.
  • Much smaller now, and a perfect fit for my hand. Sorry it's blurry, it was kind of hard to photograph. Very warm mittens!

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