Sunday, December 7, 2008

What are you doing today?

Good morning. Cold and windy as you can see, and going to get windier. A good day to get some things done, so I'm making a list.
  1. Yoga
  2. The hand-sewing portion of a few gifts I am working on
  3. Clean the hall and laundry room closets
  4. Sew a new racquetball shirt for DH
  5. Spend about an hour working on something for school
  6. Potato soup for dinner? I think I need leeks.
  7. More handmade Christmas presents to begin
Beyond that it's just to clean, which always needs done.

We went out to eat last night in two cars, because I had planned to go to a friend's afterward. I didn't go because the roads were icy with snow and she lives even further out on back roads than we do. I had DS2 drive my car so he could have some experience with driving in the snow/dark/ice, and it turned out to be a good night for it! In that round trip he:

  • Avoided hitting DH in the other car, who did a donut right in front of us to avoid hitting the car in front of him.
  • Got the hell out of the way of the spinning car behind us who nearly hit DH and wound up taking out a support cable to a telephone/power pole.
  • Learned to keep a good long following distance when it's icy.
  • Had to detour on some long dark back roads because of an accident that closed 322.
  • Had to pass a horse and buggy in the dark, in the snow, on a slippery narrow road. ("Honey, please don't slide into the horse, please don't slide into the horse.")
  • Learned that high beams are not a good choice in the snow, that if you are going slow enough around a bend a little fish-tailing can be kind of fun, and it's wise to choose to cut through a neighborhood to avoid a big downhill.
All in all, a valuable driving night for someone who is scheduled for a driving test this Friday for his license!

My morning coffee time is over, I'm going to do some yoga while the house is still quiet.

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