Thursday, December 4, 2008

How do you water your Christmas Tree?

Because we have to use a funnel and some tubes! It's a really thick-trunked tree and we can't get water into the stand without spilling it, so this is a brilliant solution. The tube is hidden in the branches and you can just find it, stick the funnel in, and pour one of those water bottles into it.

Then there's this garland. Last year DD and I saw it in a store and realized we could make more of it, and make it even prettier, for less money than it would take to buy it. So we bought some small ornaments, wooden spools, assorted styrofoam balls, and a whole lot of glitter. We made a tremendously shiny mess in the kitchen coating everything with glue and then rolling it all in different cups of glitter. Oh, and we had to poke holes through too. We had "invited" DS2 to join us, and just now when I pulled it out and said, "Look, remember all this garland we made last year?" he visibly shuddered. We will have to invite him to do another craft with us this year.

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